Students can bring family to the US

Studying in the United States does not have to be lonely. If you have been granted an F1 visa to study in America you can bring some of your family to stay with you. This includes spouses and children, including unmarried adult children.

The visa to apply for is F2. It was created for students just like you. There are some restrictions that apply and it can take some time to be issued. But it is valid as long as your F1 visa is and it means that your family can join you as long as you are studying in the US.

How it is done

In order to apply for an F2 or family second preference visa, you must first have a valid F1 student visa. You family’s F2 will be tied to the student and is only valid for as long as the student has a valid visa.

You must also prove that you are family. This requires marriage and birth documentation. If you were not actually married, but only lived together, your partner will not qualify.

Every person applying, no matter how young, must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay. You also have to demonstrate somehow that you intend to return when you are done studying. This can be shown with a job offer or acceptance to a university, among other ways.

You must also show that your living expenses for the period of stay, including tuition for the F1 student, are available.

Some may not be admitted

There are over 114,000 F2 visas granted every year, but they are very popular. There will be competition for them and the wait can be over six months.

There are reasons it can be denied as well. These include diseases, criminal convictions, or lack of vaccinations required.

If you or your family are denied a visa you can re-apply. The reason for denial has to be addressed, however.

You may need assistance

Filing for an F2 visa to bring your family is not complicated. But it must be done with care to include all the required documents. With the long wait time it is best to have it granted right away.

An immigration attorney can help with this process and make sure you have everything. It is not required but it can make the transition easier.

Studying in the United States does not have to be lonely. The F2 visa was designed specifically for students who want to have their family with them.


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