Overview of employment visas

Many residents of South Korea may wish to come to the United States long term in order to take advantage of an employment opportunity that could improve both their own careers and the lives of their families.

In order to come in to the United States legally, however, South Koreans will need to get the necessary employment visas. This is a multi-step process that involves several government agencies and several legal steps, including gathering documentation and being interviewed by an official with the United States government. It will also involve the company that wishes to employ the resident. Therefore, it is often a good idea to get the help of an experienced immigration attorney in obtaining an employment visa.

Basically, employment visas are limited and are divided according to the job skills a would-be immigrant is going to bring to the United States. People who have special talents, such as international business executives and accomplished scientists and other researchers, have priority and may under limited circumstances be able to start the process without a job offer in hand.

Those who have advanced degrees or noteworthy experience in their jobs also have some priority in the employment immigration process, but they will definitely have to have a job offer in hand, and their employer will need to submit necessary paperwork to the government. Other workers can also come to the United States on an employment visa, but these visas are capped at just under 30 percent of all available visas each year.

There are only 140,000 employment visas made available each year to immigrants, so it is important for an employer and prospective South Korean employee to make sure they have their paperwork in order and are prepared to go through the process.

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