Obtaining an EB-5 visa as an investor

Updated: Feb 18

When relocating to America for investment and business reasons, it is important that all steps necessary to make this happen are completed. This means taking the time to fill out and file necessary documents, detailing one's purpose of coming to the U.S. and how long he or she intends to stay. For investors, this means obtaining an investor visa.

Investors use an EB-5 visa; however, this is not the only reason an immigrant might apply for this visa. Those applying for this visa as an investor must have purchased a business, restructuring or reorganizing it in such a ways that it becomes a new commercial enterprise. Otherwise, he or she must be expanding a business through their investment, creating an expansion of at least 40 percent with regards to the net worth or the number of employees.

In order to qualify for an EB-5 visa as an investor, one must be involved in for-profit activity, which includes conduct like sole proprietorship, partnership, holding company, joint venture, corporation, business trust or any other entity that is publicly or privately owned. There is a job creation requirement for those seeking an EB-5 as an investor. This means that they must invest the required amount that would provide enough capital gain to crate at least 10 full-time positions.

Coming to the United States to work is an exciting opportunity. Whether it is a new venture or an expansion of an existing business, investors need to make sure all necessary steps are completed. This not only ensures that a foreigner is lawfully admitted and residing in the U.S. but also ensures that investments in a business have meet the requirements and have been carried out according to law.

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