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How can I stay longer in the United States on a student visa?

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how South Koreans who wish to study at one of this country's educational institutions can obtain a student visa in order to do so. The procedure for doing so can be difficult to understand and somewhat complicated.

A related issue to student visas is what a person can do if he or she should need to stay longer in the United States than what the visa allows. Normally, a person has only 60 days to leave the country after his or her studies conclude.

취업 영주권 진행 중 고용주를 바꿀 수 있나요?

미국에서 취업을 통해 영주권을 취득하는 과정은 시간과 비용이 많이 소모됨은 물론이고 고용주의 절대적인 협력을 필요로 합니다. 어떤 고용주들은 이러한 상황을 악용해서 영주권을 스폰서 해주는 대가로 영주권 신청자에게 지나치게 불리한 조건의 고용계약을 체결하도록 강요하기도 합니다. 또한 영주권 신청 과정에서 고용주가 부득이하게 사업을 정리하게 되는 경우도 있습니다.

Overview of employment visas

Many residents of South Korea may wish to come to the United States long term in order to take advantage of an employment opportunity that could improve both their own careers and the lives of their families.

In order to come in to the United States legally, however, South Koreans will need to get the necessary employment visas. This is a multi-step process that involves several government agencies and several legal steps, including gathering documentation and being interviewed by an official with the United States government. It will also involve the company that wishes to employ the resident. Therefore, it is often a good idea to get the help of an experienced immigration attorney in obtaining an employment visa.

National Interest Waivers

Now that the H-1B season has ended, emigration to the United States can seem like a distant dream. The process will start up in October, but it will be the same long file and wait time that it is every year for H-1B visas.

Some highly skilled people do not need to wait, however. The National Interest Waiver (NIW) as part of an EB-2 visa is available for a select number of people who are highly skilled. If you qualify, you do not even need to have an employer sponsor you to enter the United States and stay for up to three years.

Obtaining an EB-5 visa as an investor

When relocating to America for investment and business reasons, it is important that all steps necessary to make this happen are completed. This means taking the time to fill out and file necessary documents, detailing one's purpose of coming to the U.S. and how long he or she intends to stay. For investors, this means obtaining an investor visa.

Investors use an EB-5 visa; however, this is not the only reason an immigrant might apply for this visa. Those applying for this visa as an investor must have purchased a business, restructuring or reorganizing it in such a ways that it becomes a new commercial enterprise. Otherwise, he or she must be expanding a business through their investment, creating an expansion of at least 40 percent with regards to the net worth or the number of employees.

What types of student visas are available?

A good education is highly sought out by those living in America and other countries. Because of the quality of education available in the U.S., many foreign students seek to study in the United States. Whether it is high school, college or graduate school, there are many opportunities for immigrants to come to the country to begin and continue their studies. However, these individuals need to ensure the proper steps have been taken, documents filled out and information filed.

What types of student visas are available? In order to study as a full-time student in the U.S., immigrants will need to obtain a student visa. Depending on the length of time, the type of school and other similar factors, an immigrant student may decide one visa of another is more appropriate for them.

미국내에서의 학생(F-1)으로 체류신분 변경

미국내에서 다른 비이민비자 상태로 체류하다가 F-1 으로 변경하는 경우는 생각보다 많습니다. 시민권이나 영주권을 가지고 있는 가족이 없거나 미국에서의 체류를 도와줄 수 있는 고용주를 구하지 못한 경우에, 미국내에서 장기간 체류할 수 있는 방법으로 가장 먼저 떠오르는 방법은 학생비자를 발급받는 것일 것입니다. 학생비자는 1 년간의 학비와 생활비를 충당할 수 있는 경제적인 능력만 보여줄 수 있다면, 어드미션을 받은 학교의 I-20 를 증빙으로 제출하여, 다른 비이민비자들에 비해 비교적 간단히 받을 수 있는 비자였기 때문입니다.

영주권자의 해외체류

영주권을 받으시면 가장 많이들 하시는 말씀이 있습니다. "이게 뭐라고..막상 받아보니 별거 아닌데..이거 받겠다고 그렇게 고생한 거 생각하니 기분이 묘하네요." - 영주권을 신청하고 기다리는 과정은 너무나 힘들었지만, 말 그대로 녹색 빛이 도는 이 Green card 한 장이 상징하는 '미국의 영구 거주민'이라는 안정적인 신분이 가져다 주는 안도감과 동시에 과거의 힘들었던 기억과 감정들이 섞이면서 내뱉는 말씀들인 것 같습니다. '애증'의 영주권이라고나 할까요.. 

Helping you obtain a student visa

America is known as the land of opportunities. Thus, many foreigners decide to come to the U.S. to explore these opportunities. While living an American life seems ideal to many, some are determined to live in the country to gain an education. Whether it is for post secondary school or higher education, immigrants are able to enter the United States to further their education. However, one must have the proper documents in order.

For those coming to the U.S. for educational purposes, he or she must obtain a student visa. This document permits the immigrant to enter the country to further their education. While it might seem like a simple process to obtain a student visa, this application process requires one to take various steps, provide detailed information and follow the terms of the visa.

Understanding an EB-5 investor visa

Coming to America often means visiting the nation for a short period of time. While it is common to visit the United States as a tourist, others seek to remain in the nation for a longer period of time. A likely reason for this is for career opportunities. Some foreigners seek to invest in a business in the U.S., requiring them to remain in the country for years. Thus, in order for this situation to become a reality, immigrants seeking to invest in a U.S. business must get all of their paperwork in order.

An EB-5 visa is available for immigrants coming to the country to invest in a business. This means that he or she is involved in any for-profit activity that is conducted for lawful business, which includes a sole proprietorship, partnership, holding company, joint venture, corporation, business trust or any other entity that can be publicly or privately owned.


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