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At Sky Law Firm, we are focused on helping people resolve all immigration law issues and address Korean tax matters. Our depth of knowledge in these matters means we are prepared to overcome any obstacle that stands between our clients and their dreams. We have earned a trusted reputation for achieving positive outcomes, not just in California and throughout the United States, but internationally.

The Passion And Experience To Help Korean Immigrants

Our law firm was founded by attorney Young Shim Ham, herself a Korean immigrant who knows firsthand the challenges that immigrants face when coming to the U.S.

Her background extends beyond immigration law to include tax law, accounting and business experience.

She has a law degree as well as master's degrees in business taxation and business accounting. She is licensed as a lawyer to handle immigration law matters throughout the U.S. and is a Korean certified public accountant (CPA) and certified public tax accountant (CPTA).

Furthermore, she has firsthand experience as an immigrant who has gone through many of the same processes and faced many of the same challenges that she helps other Korean immigrants overcome on a daily basis.

Her experience provides a crucial advantage for individuals, families and businesses in immigration law and Korean taxation matters.

To learn more about her background, follow the link below.

In all Korean tax matters, we are able to partner with the Seoul-based Hanl Accounting Corp. This ensures proper handling of these complex matters.

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From our law office in La Palma, Orange County, we work with clients throughout the United States and worldwide. You do not need to come to us. We can handle matters via phone and email. To learn more, send us an email or call us at 714-522-1033.